WpEzine Shows You 8 Easy Ways To Gain Tons Of Instagram Followers

Posted by on Aug 1, 2018 in Instagram

WpEzine Shows You 8 Easy Ways To Gain Tons Of Instagram Followers

Follow These tips and have a TON of FREE Instagram followers in no time!

Instagram is such a popular form of social media, and it can have a real impact on the success of your business. There are even people who make their living by being Instagram Influencers, marketing for products, events, and businesses that pay them for the publicity. If you don’t want to pay to have someone do your Insta-marketing for you though, here are 8 easy and proven ways to gain tons of Instagram followers.

1. Stick To A Theme


The most popular and successful Instagram accounts typically have a theme that they stick to. That theme could be food, yoga, photography, cats, whatever it is that the user is trying to promote or has an interest in. So decide where your interests lie, or what it is that you’re trying to promote, and try to only post things that are related to that topic. If people are following you because of a shared interest in yoga, then your followers probably aren’t going to be interested in pictures of your niece.

2. Post Quality Pics

If you are trying to gain followers on Instagram, a platform that focuses on visual media and pictures, then you need to make sure that you’re only posting the good pictures. People don’t want to look at pictures that are poor quality. If you’re not posting photos that are good enough quality, then you’re followers will move on.

3. Use Popular Hashtags


Posting quality photos on their own is not enough. You also need to make sure that you are tagging your photos, so that they come up in related searches and are more easy for people to find. Try to research other Instagram accounts that have a similar theme to your account. You can find out which hashtags are the most popular for your theme, and use these.

4. Spread The Love

You have to give to get when you’re first starting out on Instagram. If you want people to like your photos and follow your account, then you have to keep in mind that they are going to appreciate getting likes and follows in return. Try to like a lot of photos and follow people who show signs of interest in what you’re posting about. When you start following people, they are more likely to follow you back.

5. Tell A Story With Your Captions

Your caption should be interesting and captivating for your audience. Explain why you’re posting the photo that you’re posting. Tell your audience why its relevant and make them care.

6. Post At Specific Times

There are specific times of the day when your posts are more likely to get seen, and they are more likely to get likes. As of 2018, the most popular times of the day to post to Instagram are 7 am – 9 am, and 4 pm – 6 pm.

7. Use Instagram Tools

There are plenty of tools online that are geared towards helping you to make your Instagram account more professional, and growing your following. These tools, like Project Insta [https://projectinsta.com/free-instagram-followers/] can help you schedule posts, boost your following, and optimize your posts.

8. Shoutouts

Giving a Shoutout to another Instagram user on your page in exchange for a Shoutout from them on their page is a great way to get extra exposure. Their followers will see your account, and hopefully become your followers.

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10 of the best WordPress themes for gaming websites

Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Gaming

10 of the best WordPress themes for gaming websites

With the gaming industry increasingly becoming popular, many websites are now dealing with video or online related content. As a game developer, gamer, or an agency who want to present the latest trends from the gaming, you need to have a site where users can connect through reviews and ratings. Thankfully, there are several types of gaming WordPress themes that you can choose such as Wp Ezine. Here are the top 10 WordPress themes for gaming.

1. Gauge theme

If you wish to play your video games and post them later, the Gauge theme is the perfect theme. It features one of the best rating systems that allow you and the user to rate the games well. It also averages all the user ratings and has a rating meter that gives the picture of what the game is all about. The latest reviews are strategically placed to ensure that users can see the most important ones first.

2. Goodlife

As one of the best gaming WordPress themes, Goodlife can help you construct a quality games-centric site. It comes with a gorgeous layout that’s compatible with any device, web browser, and operating system. Because of its optimized code, it can boost your chances of exposure. By using the visual composer plugin, you can easily express your creativity. You can also use this feature to modify and tweak almost every setting.

3. Oblivion

The oblivion theme has a responsive design hence you don’t have to worry about the kind of devices that people have. Since its bbPress is ready, users can create little community where they can share their ideas about games. This theme is created to fit those who wish to create a review site or portfolio. This means you can alter the layout depending on what pleases you. Furthermore, apart from having access to unlimited backgrounds and colors, it’s very easy to use.

4. Newspaper theme

Currently, the Newspaper theme is perhaps the best selling WordPress News theme. This is because it allows you to publish broadcast and write content in the most engaging and spectacular way. It also has a responsive design and intuitive interface. By using a tagDiv plugin, you can make your site deliver an outstanding performance and look amazing on small screen devices. It’s not only created with the publishing industry in mind but it’s also fully integrated with Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion.

5. Arcane

This is a premium WordPress theme that’s perfectly ideal for the gaming industry. It allows you to create an amazing website and even build a community around it. It further enables users to come up with tournaments and teams to compete with each other. With this theme, you can keep track of the matches, share your content and customize your page in different ways. It’s, therefore, the ideal solution to use for a good gaming website.

6. Megellan

If you are looking for a beautiful, modern and elegant gaming WordPress theme, then Magellan is the best option. Just like the Wp Ezine, it has been developed to be the ideal solution for webmasters who are looking for a robust and stable platform where they can disseminate and distribute reviews and content for all kinds of projects. It has a series of elements that can help you produce engaging and beautiful reviews. With a sleek demo template, this theme sets you right up. Thanks to their review system and interactive rating, your readers can make their own reviews and ratings without any problem.

7. Blackfyre

Blackfyre refers to gaming WordPress theme that’s suited for big gaming communities. With this theme, you can challenge other players, create clans, keep tracks of the games and share your content in the easiest way. It also comes with useful features such as fully responsive design, rating system, animated images, translation readiness, and many others. Due to its powerful control panel, you can customize your gaming portal the way you like.

8. Games zone

Games zone is a premium gaming WordPress theme that has a professional and fresh design suitable for the gaming magazine, gaming review sites and gaming blogs. It comes with great features that are helpful in customizing and controlling the site. It can also allow you to add games, ratings, and game reviews. Its other features include shortcodes, advertising options, events calendar, infinite color options, background images, Google fonts and auto install.

9. Malabar

Malabar is a responsive and youthful high-performance multipurpose website theme. With this theme, developing a unique magazine is very easy. You can also use it to build and customize magazines within minutes. If you are looking for the simplest solution for a feature-rich magazine then it’s the best theme to use. You can also use it to deploy game trailers, reviews, and discussions. More so, with its social widget making your content go viral is quite easy.

10. The source

This is a magazine style gaming WordPress theme that is specifically made for gaming. However, it can function as a website featuring your most rent news and gaming reviews. The good thing is that it’s also compatible with any kind of browser that you have such as Wp Ezine.


Well, there you have it the best WordPress themes for gaming. With these themes, you only need to go online, run your own site and talk about the games that you love. Some of them are even good for companies that create their own games and want to display them. For more

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Welcome to WP Ezine

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Welcome to WP Ezine

WP Ezine remains committed to providing WordPress enthusiasts and experts about the industry. We are a WordPress news blog that is established to helping readers discover more information. Prospective readers will have the opportunity of learning about our blog and reading all the free post straight from the home page. Our news blog will provide more insights and exclusive content for serious WordPress experts. The objective of WP Ezine is to cater for prospective readers that love and know WordPress. This will help you get more informed and handle any issue connecting to WordPress. Our blog is created to helping have access to a plethora of categories such as new WordPress updates, games on WordPress and just to mention a few.


WP Ezine is brought to prospective readers by a great team of dedicated and committed professionals. Our website will help to unleash the beauty on a gamut of topics. This can be found in the likes of development, business, news, plugins, discussion, themes, events, WordPress core, tips and resources. Irrespective of your quest for website design, our news blog will help you discover the potential of real information. WP Ezine will do everything to help you get WordPress tips, techniques, strategies and other relevant information. We have the right resources to help unleash top-notch solutions touching trendy and latest web design themes.

If you are looking for a reliable and professional WordPress news blog that counts, then WP Ezine is the right place to go. Our blog is frequently updated with amazing WordPress plugin reviews, theme lists, news, and tutorials. Our website will also help to review tools that will benefit website owners greatly. Gradually, we will increase the posting frequency on our website to help prospective readers get more informed. In the near future, you can always anticipate great postings on our website.

All articles on our blog are written by WordPress experts with vast knowledge in the industry. Get fantastic podcast, data protection, gaming and WordPress news. Our blog mainly concentrates on WordPress news, plugin reviews, and themes. We can as well publish host WordPress related competitions and guides. Our blog includes competitions and news roundups on a regular basis. Our experts have vast knowledge on publishing reviews and tutorials of plugins and themes. Our blog will be the most resourceful platform for WordPress users, enthusiasts, and professionals. The natural desire and quest for helping prospective readers shine through the articles of WP Ezine. Business and security-related subjects are as well covered from time to time on our news blog.


Having access to the latest WordPress news is a great way to remain informed and updated about the industry. Real WordPress news can help to buttress your view and knowledge of trendy topics and information. For this reason, we have designed this platform to become the hub of real WordPress news. We carefully watch through everything that is published on our website. This means that prospective readers can depend and rely on the professionalism and expertise of our writers.

We share general advice about WordPress on our website to also benefit novice and veteran readers. We have resources pages where you will get updated news about WordPress themes and plugins. We will be committed to ensuring that readers get the best information and nothing more. We are always available through our contact page if you need any urgent question. WP Ezine is the epitome of the real WordPress news blog that you can rely on, time and again. If you want the real trendy and cutting-edge information about the WordPress industry, simply hover to our website and get the best details. Our website is easy to navigate and use without any difficulties. Visit us today and discover the potential of our new WordPress news blog.

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